Your Mental Health Is Even More Important

When things were not going well for you at work, so much so that it actually made you sick, you may have been fortunate enough to have had a kind-hearted and yet sensible supervisor or manager at the helm. And he may have instructed you to go home, go and see the doctor, declaring; your health is more important. In any event, had that not happened, you may have been sensible enough to have called in sick anyhow.

And it would have been your responsibility to go and see the doctor, which you did. He may have booked you off for a couple of days whilst prescribing medication to make you well again. But somehow or another, did this really address the root cause of your health issues. The old saying may always have been – your health is more important. You, and others, may have perceived at the time that this was merely addressing your physical health.

But it goes further. And so to coin a new phrase, if it has not already been stated verbally or in writing. Your mental health is more important. If you are feeling the strain right now, you could do something about it right now. Dial in for a mental health services eden prairie consultation and take things further from thereon. During a first consultation, expect to sit in a while longer with your appointed therapist.

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After all, he or she must take down as much details about your current state of health as possible. You might want to share some of your life’s history with this therapist. That so that he or she can really help you. Inevitably, if you are feeling sick physically, something might be bothering you upstairs as they say.